Yellow leg color. Vibrant coloring.

Select Quality Barnevelders

My Hollyoak Ranch flock of “Barnies” started about 12 or so years ago with birds from Farmer Johan’s bloodline and a blend of vB and TLS Ranch stock – all reputable breeders of select quality, non-hatchery birds. I have continued breeding with an eye to the Standard and consideration to health and production ability. 

The standard partridge color is beautiful, dark and rich with well defined double lacing. They would be a nice addition to your existing bloodline or a good start for those wanting exhibition quality birds for a project or just your personal enjoyment and lovely brown eggs. Barnies are a very hardy breed but due to their docile nature I would not mix the Roos with other breed Roos as they tend to get beat up. The hens lay a large size medium dark brown egg.  Egg color can lighten further into the egg laying cycle as the hens tend to run low on “ink” as the cycle progresses.

Shipping to United States only.

I send eggs double boxed in a large Priority Box with a medium box inside. I use insulation to confine each egg so there is no bumping around in the box. It costs $23 to pack and ship this way but gives a better chance of a successful hatch. THERE ARE NO HATCHING GUARANTEES due to individual incubation methods and the handling by the Postal Service – which can be BRUTAL, but this type of packing will give you a better shot at success. I only ship the first part of the week to prevent them sitting in the post office over the weekend. Eggs are gathered and packed as they are sold so please allow time for the freshest eggs. I will notify you of shipment.

Waiting list for Hatching eggs – please email with request. $50 per 10 eggs (extra sent as space and availability allow) + $20 shipping = $75

Chicks on occasion for local pick-up in Sierra foothill region of Sacramento. $15.00 per chick, straight-run.


Barnevelder & Black Australorp Chicks.

Black Australorp eggs on left. Barnevelder eggs on right for color comparison.








Lovely double lacing.





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